Thomas Engström and Margit Richert’s first book in their dystopian trilogy is published in Sweden on November 2nd by Bokfabriken.

Nattavaara is the first thrilling installment in the trilogy about Nordmark, a grandiose vision about a near future where climate catastrophes, pandemics and financial crises have torn the society apart.

Nattavaara perfectly succeeds to blend a climate dystopia with a political dystopia, all into one intelligent, touching and human tale of what happens when everything solid evaporates.
– Arne Dahl, author

In a very tasteful way the reader is invited to see what the world has gone through and in a dramatic way see how it is to live in a dystopia. From the first page I am hooked in this captivating, frightening dark story.
– @marlenes_bokhylla (instagram)

You can get the book at your local bookstore & your favorite online bookstore!