Helix is the debut novel from Benjamin Andrée and Alexandra Appelqvist,
published by Harper Collins Nordic.

It is winter in Stockholm.
An increasingly heavy snowfall can be seen from the enormous windows of
the highrise Helix where the birthday party of eccentric
businessman Bernhard Schwartz is taking place.
Entertainment news journalist Adrian Lind and his
best friend Valeria Rossi have managed to score an invitation to
this coveted world of mystic and glamour.

However, this is not just a party for Adrian.
He is on a mission to find out what has really happened to the
successful young influencer Sarah Jonsson.
Earlier that evening Sarah shared a disturbing, almost psychotic, post on social media.
Nobody has seen her since, rumour says she will be a guest at the party and t
hat several people there have compelling reasons to want her gone.

On the hunt for the biggest scoop Adrian and his colleagues
at Nyhetsbladet start looking for the truth behind the perfect facade.
The plot thickens as the noose tightens and Adrian soon realises that nothing is as it seems.
He needs to figure out what has really happened.

Before everything is over.

Helix is the first part in the series that takes a  modern interpretation of Agatha Christie’s best loved mysteries, removed to the glitzy world of present-day Stockholm.