Helix, the first part in the authors’ crime series, set among the cinematic views of Stockholm’s Haga Town, will be published in the fall of 2021.

Benjamin Andrée and Alexandra Appelqvist got to know one another during the winter of 2019, when they became next door neighbors in the newly developed part of Stockholm called Haga Town. A deep and abiding friendship was born during countless dog walks and the idea of a joint literary venture began to take shape. As a creative twist to their series The Haga Town Murders this author duo has been inspired by Agatha Christie’s most famous crime novels. All three books are very loose interpretations of popular mysteries with the story unfolding in present-day Stockholm.

“Four months ago we hadn’t even started writing Helix and today we have a three-book-deal with one of the world’s largest publishers and Nordin Agency as our literary agent. It’s mind boggling. The choice of working with Harper Collins felt right from the start. From the very first meeting when it was clear that they had a long term vision for The Haga Town Murders in combination with their strong international presence, that was a perfect match for us. Just like artists interpret each others’ songs we have interpreted Agatha Christie’s classical works, moving the storyline to 21st century Stockholm”, says Benjamin Andrée and Alexandra Appelvist.

“When the manuscript pinged through in our inbox we immediately knew that this was going to be big. The idea for the story is brilliant. And when we met Alexandra and Benjamin and could see how obviously driven, creative and attuned to one another they are, there was no doubt in our minds. We are eagerly looking forward to collaborating with Nordin Agency and building this authorship for the foreseeable future”, says Johanna Rydergren, Acquiring Editor at HarperCollins Nordic

”HarperCollins Nordic’s promise to the readers is to always deliver a strong and entertaining story. Benjamin and Alexandra’s glamorous suspense series in a modern Stockholm setting is a clear example of this. I’m happy and proud to be a part of creating and launching the first part as early as this fall”, says Anna-Lena Hernvall, Publishing Director at HarperCollins Nordic

Helix is inspired by The Murder on the Orient Express. The three day long train ride has turned into a three day long birthday celebration and the train is transformed into a decadent 55 million crown penthouse in a building called Helix (one of the two north towers in Haga Town). The trigger to this complex murder mystery is a young, female influencer’s cryptic social media post. The main characters in the series are Adrian Lind, well-known entertainment journalist at Nyhetsbladet and his best friend, Valeria Rossi, semi-famous food influencer on the rise. The pair will be recurring in all three books.

Alexandra Appelqvist grew up in a culture and literature loving family, often spending her summers reading stacks of books. In 2017 she debuted with the self-published feel-good hit novel A Guidebook for Singles on the Verge of a Mental Breakdown. In the fall of 2020 she published The Art of Downing the Cup Half Full, a sequel to her charming debut. Alongside both publications Alexandra ran an accompanying podcast directly produced by Acast. She lives with her family and divides her time between their apartment in Stockholm and a house in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Benjamin Andrée is a journalist, PR-consultant and producer with many years of experience in the media industry. For the past several years, Benjamin has been working as an entertainment reporter for Aftonbladet (Sweden’s biggest evening newspaper). Andrée has also been busy developing programs for TV and working as press officer and project manager at Viaplay. He also produces several of Sweden’s most popular podcasts where he guest hosts as often as he has the chance. Andrée lives in Stockholm with his partner and their two dogs.

Together these two superstars combine to create the brand new author duo Andrée & Appelqvist. Their debut novel Helix is the first in a suspense trilogy set to be published by Harper Collins Nordic this fall. The series is a modern interpretation of Agatha Christie’s best loved mysteries, removed to the glitzy world of present-day Stockholm.

The second instalment of The Haga Town Murders will be released in 2022 and rounded out with book three in 2023.