In the new exhibition at Kalmar Castle, located in the south of Sweden, visitors will learn about Ester Blenda Nordström.
It will be open from the 31st of March.

It’s time for a woman to be seen at Kalmar Castle, says the manager of the castle Meg Nömgård

Even though Ester Blenda Nordström was celebrated and recognized during her life, her legacy and memory was forgotten for many years. In 2016 Anna Hylander’s documentary about Ester Blenda was released and in the following year  Fatima Bremmer’s biography Life In Every Breath was released. The book was awarded the August Prize 2017 and have sold in more than 240 000 copies.

The exhibition Ester Blenda! has previously been shown at Skarshult Castle where over 45.000 people visited during two seasons.

To learn more, you can read the full statement from Kalmar here.