Tina Frennstedt is back with the fourth book in her Cold Case series. In The Last Photo she gives us nerve tingling suspense with a strong drive and psychological depth. Her books are inspired by real cases and have been on the Swedish and international bestseller charts.

A young woman disappears without a trace on her way home from a night out in Copenhagen. Seven years later a photo of the woman appears on the internet. She’s sitting in an unknown vehicle, with tousled hair and stares blankly into the camera. Who took the picture? And where is she now?

Tess Hjalmarsson is no longer called “Super-cop”. She is suspended from work pending an investigation, and her private life is on the rocks. When the profiler Carsten Morris reaches out and asks for help Tess takes the train to Copenhagen. On the same website where the picture of the missing woman appeared someone has posted another photo of another woman, seemingly in the same vehicle. She is Jenny Ramsvik, and disappeared from Österlen 17 years ago. Her body has never been found and Tess never gave up hope to solve the case. Now she joins the Danish Cold Case team to find the perpetrator.