TINA FRENNSTEDT IS one of Sweden’s most acclaimed and hard-nosed crime reporters. She has been the news editor at one of Sweden’s biggest dailies Svenska Dagbladet and crime reporter at Expressen.

WHEN SHE STARTED writing crime novels, Frennstedt wanted to focus on stories that had moved her. Using real-life cold cases as her inspiration this author writes touching and heartfelt suspense with an authentic portrayal of real police work. Her main characters Tess and Marie carry the story with a poignant sensibility and a careful regard to the subject matter.

IN 2019 TINA FRENNSTEDT was awarded with the Crimetime Debut of the Year Award for her novel Cold Case: Missing. It catapulted the author to the top of the charts and had readers clamouring for a follow up. In August 2023 the fourth highly anticipated volume was published.