Estonian rights sold for Sara Blædel’s The Family Secrets Series

We are happy to announce that Pegasus have acquired the Estonian rights for Sara Blædel’s The Family Secrets Series. The series consists of The Daughter, Her Father’s Secret and The Third Sister.

Sara Blædel

Icelandic rights sold for Viveca Sten’s short story collection

We are happy to announce that Icelandic rights to Viveca Sten‘s short story collection All in a Row: Chilling Tales from the Archipelago have been acquired by Ugla útgáfa.

Emelie Schepp in a German two-book deal

We are happy to announce that German rights to the fifth and sixth book about the enigmatic prosecutor Jana Berzelius by Emelie Schepp have been acquired by Blanvalet.

Emelie Schepp

Russian rights sold for Pascal Engman’s Tierra del Fuego

We are happy to announce that Russian rights for Pascal Engman‘s Tierra del Fuego have been acquired by Eksmo. Tierra del Fuego is the first book about wayward Criminal Investigator Vanessa Frank. 

Happy Food 2.0 in UK deal

We’re delighted to announce that English rights in the UK and British Commonwealth to Happy Food 2.0 by Niklas Ekstedt and Henrik Ennart have been sold to Absolute Press.

Happy Food 2.0

Camilla Läckberg’s duology sold to Brazil

We’re delighted to announce that Brazilian Portuguese rights to Camilla Läckberg’s new suspense duology, exploring the theme of female revenge and introducing the new protagonist Faye, have been sold to Editora Arqueiro, in a two-book deal. The first book is called The Golden Cage and will be published internationally April 11th 2019.

Camilla Läckberg
Camilla Läckberg

Heléne Holmström’s Free Falling sold to Denmark

We’re delighted to announce that Danish rights for Heléne Holmström‘s Free Falling have been acquired by Flamingo/Gyldendal DK.

Heléne Holmström

Marie Hermanson rights sold to Sweden

We are happy to announce that Marie Hermanson‘s yet untitled new book will be published in Sweden by Albert Bonniers Förlag. More details to follow.

Marie Hermanson

Carina Bergfeldt in Swedish audio deal

We are happy to announce that Tiden/Norstedts will publish two audiobook series by Carina Bergfeldt: A Week With KKK and Seven Days to Live. Stay tuned for more updates.

Carina Bergfeldt