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Camilla Läckberg in the Swedish literary show Babel

In the latest episode of the Swedish literary show Babel you can see Camilla Läckberg talk about her children’s books series Super-Charlie and the class perspective in children’s books today. You find the segment with Camilla from 36.30 minutes in the program. Here you have a link to it: https://www.svtplay.se/video/24206506/babel/babel-sasong-30-lisa-halliday-lisa-taddeo-sofia-jannok-m-fl?start=auto

Stellar review in Norrländska socialdemokraten for Alakoski’s Cotton Angel

Susanna Alakoski‘s novel Cotton Angel was published last month and is to be reviewed on Thursday. However, it has already received some fantastic pre-reviews. In Norrländska socialdemokraten we can read: Masterpiece about women who have been silenced […] Susanna Alakoski uses every word that fits in the work at the farm, all the tiresome labour […]

Raving review for Steve Sem-Sandberg’s W in Dagens Nyheter

Hanna Nordenhök has in Dagens Nyheter written a fantastic review for Steve Sem-Sandberg‘s novel W. You can read the review in its entirety here. Steve Sem-Sandberg’s new novel W shines from within, as from a thousand small inexorable lamps directed into the most acute. […] a sharp and hyper sensitive novel about abandonment and violence. […]

TV rights for Josefine Sundström’s Saga Stories sold

We are happy to announce that Josefine Sundström’s Saga Stories will continue as a TV series at Viaplay. This spring the first season premiered, based on the first and second book about 5-year old Saga. Now it’s book number three and four that will be turned into a TV series at Viaplay. Stay tuned for more […]


Susanna Alakoski’s highly anticipated novel Cotton Angel is finally here! Cotton Angel the first novel in a quartet, published by Natur & Kultur, in which we will follow four generations of women – mothers and daughters in both Finland and Sweden. It’s a story about the history of working class women and about the journey a lot of […]