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Anna Karolina nominated for Crimetime Specsavers Award!

It is our pleasure to announce that Anna Karolina‘s STOLEN BABOON has been nominated for the new crime writing award Crimetime Specsavers Award. This new prize will be awarded to a debut author from the past year and the ceremony will take place on the 15th August at Crimetime Gotland in Visby. https://www.specsavers.se/crimetime-specsavers-award?wssl=1 (in Swedish) Her second […]

CARIN on the bestseller chart!

Congratulations, Carin Gerhardsen! Her latest book FALLERI, FALLERA, FALLERALLA continues being on the bestseller chart at Adlibris.com. Read more of the book here at FALLERI FALLERA FALLERALLA

Super-Charlie to Icleand!

An adventure that makes you happy! Bohusläningen SUPER-CHARLIE, a picture book written by Camilla Läckberg (illustrations by Millis Sarri) has just started its trip to Iceland. Icelandic publishing house Sögur Útgáfa has just bought its book rights and it is the fourteenth country for Super-Charlie is flying to!

Anna Karolina’s second book to Finland!

Finnish publishing house Minerva has bought book rights to Anna Karolina’s second book STÅR DIG INGEN ÅTER – NO MORE FISH IN THE SEA. Anna Karolina has fourteen years of experience from the police department and the way she describes the police procedures and the ciriminal underworld are very authentic. She has received great reviews to her […]

Kallentoft & Lutteman #1, Gerhardsen #3

You see Leon by Mons Kallentoft & Markus Lutteman at Number ONE Falleri, fallera, falleralla by Carin Gerhardsen at Number THREE at the top list at one of the biggest Internet bookstores in Sweden, Adlibris (May 11, 2015). Leon is the second book of the popular series by Mons Kallentoft and Markus Lutteman, based on Hercules first labour […]