In March 2020 Annika Norlin’s fictional debut was published, the short story collection “I See All That You Do”. A book that became critically acclaimed by an unanimous group of critics, was nominated for the August Prize, the Borås Tidning’s Debutant Prize and the Katapult Prize, and during the same period Norlin was awarded Karin Boye’s literary award. Almost exactly three years later, the Haga Theatre in Gothenburg will put up the show “I See All That You Do” freely based on Annika Norlin’s success novel.  

The Haga Theater has previously had great success with plays based on works by Lena Andersson, Liv Strömqvist and Nina Hemmingsson among others. The director of “I See All That You Do” is the film- and theater director Marcus Carlsson, who has directed several praised shows at Gothenburg Stadsteater, Backa Theater and Haga Theater. In 2023, Carlsson is shooting his third feature film “The Beekeeper”, with Adam Lundgren as the main character. On the stage [for “I See All That You Do”] we meet Helena Gezelius, Sara Klingvall, Ylva Nilsson and more.

The Haga theater describes the upcoming play as an episodic performance that moves between  people’s lives and their shortcomings. Like a photo by Lars Tunbjörk the play is supposed to capture an ambiance, one that at first sight might be experienced as exotic, but gradually make the observer realize that it’s themselves that are  being observed. The small acts of everyday life turns to poetry where sorrow and darkness don’t have to be in contrast with humor and warmth, but instead they can exist in symbiosis and strengthen each other. 

Premier March 2023.

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