Romanian rights sold for ‘Stieg Larsson’s Archive’

We’re delighted to announce that Stieg Larsson’s Archive by Jan Stocklassa is to be published by Editura Paralela 45 in Romania who have acquired the rights.

Super-Charlie, rights sold to Iceland

We are happy to announce that Icelandic rights to Super-Charlie and the Grandma Mystery and Super-Charlie and the Monster Bugs, the third and fourth book in the series about Super-Charlie, by Camilla Läckberg have been acquired by Sogur.

Greek rights sold for Camilla Läckberg’s novellas

We’re delighted to announce that Metaixmio have acquired the Greek rights to Camilla Läckberg‘s novellas. The first one, Women Without Mercy, was published in Italy 13th of November.

Rights for Björn Larsson’s Letters From Gertrud sold to Denmark

We’re delighted to announce that Forlaget Amanda Books have acquired the Danish rights to Björn Larsson‘s Letters From Gertrud.