Estonian rights sold for Sara Blædel’s The Family Secrets Series

We are happy to announce that Pegasus have acquired the Estonian rights for Sara Blædel’s The Family Secrets Series. The series consists of The Daughter, Her Father’s Secret and The Third Sister.

Sara Blædel

The Göran Palm Award of 2019 goes to Susanna Alakoski

Foto: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

We are happy to announce that Susanna Alakoski is granted the Göran Palm Award! She is granted the award for her ability to flip the perspective on society and dissect the darker side of the Swedish model through her writing.

Icelandic rights sold for Viveca Sten’s short story collection

We are happy to announce that Icelandic rights to Viveca Sten‘s short story collection All in a Row: Chilling Tales from the Archipelago have been acquired by Ugla útgáfa.

Läckbergs latest broke a new record this weekend!

The Golden Cage, released last thursday, became the top streamed audio book on streaming service BookBeat this weekend. Läckbergs latest stod for over 14% of all streamed hours and no book on the streaming service have ever reached those levels that quickly before.

The book is not only being streamed a lot but listeners seem to enjoy it as well with it currently sitting at a 4,2 out of 5 review score on BookBeat. “It’s an amazing start for Camilla Läckbergs latest series” says Anna Riklund, Head of Content Curation at BookBeat.

Emelie Schepp in a German two-book deal

We are happy to announce that German rights to the fifth and sixth book about the enigmatic prosecutor Jana Berzelius by Emelie Schepp have been acquired by Blanvalet.

Emelie Schepp

‘The Lost Village’ by Camilla Sten was published in Sweden April 4th

On the 4th of April, ‘The Lost Village‘  by Camilla Sten was out in bookstores here in Sweden. It has already become a huge success, sold to 15 countries and a movie deal before publishing.

The magazine Femina reviewed the book saying it is “an excellent thriller” and BTJ says it is “just brilliantly written“.

The story is set in the small mining town of Silvertjärn, where in the 1950’s the entire population of the city disappeares without a trace.
Alice’s grandmother lost her whole family in that mysterious accident and has now gathered a group of friends to film a documentary of the ghost town and find out what really happened.
They are the first in fifty years to step foot in Silvertjärn, though once they arrive they slowly realize that might not be the case…

And on April the 2nd Camilla had her release party for the book. It was a great event where we got to celebrate Camilla and her great accomplishments!
To see more pictures from that make sure to follow Camilla ( @wednesdaysten) and Nordin Agency (@nordinagency) on Instagram!

Russian rights sold for Pascal Engman’s Tierra del Fuego

We are happy to announce that Russian rights for Pascal Engman‘s Tierra del Fuego have been acquired by Eksmo. Tierra del Fuego is the first book about wayward Criminal Investigator Vanessa Frank.