Susanna Alakoski’s highly anticipated novel Cotton Angel is finally here!

Cotton Angel the first novel in a quartet, published by Natur & Kultur, in which we will follow four generations of women – mothers and daughters in both Finland and Sweden. It’s a story about the history of working class women and about the journey a lot of families took to ensure their own survival.

Cotton Angel, tells the story of Hilda, who as a young framer’s daughter gets thrown out by her family for getting pregnant out of wedlock. Hilda has to work hard as a maid on another fram, not far from where she grew up. The cotton becomes the way out, simultaneously a blessing and a new shackle.

Cotton Angel is a powerful novel about the exposure girls endure, female friendship and the constant thirst for knowledge, a story about how the time that we live in can determine our lives far more than the choices we are able to make.

Stieg Larsson’s Archive by Jan Stocklassa #1 at Amazon when pre-launched in USA

We are happy to share the news that Jan Stocklassa’s Stieg Larsson’s Archive was pre-launched on Sunday in the US and immediately hit the number 1 spot at the Amazon Best Sellers list for True Crime Biographies (as the first Swedish book ever). It also went straight to #4 at Amazon Best Sellers list for all genres. A great start for Amazon’s upcoming publication of Stieg Larsson’s Archive on October 1st.